Who is the Best Marvel Superhero: 6 Superhero You Must Love!

Who is the best Marvel superhero? that is questioned by audiences, comic fans, and critics. However, there are some real contenders for this title. Let’s find out who they are.

Who Is The Best Marvel Superhero
Who Is The Best Marvel Superhero

Who is the Best Marvel Superhero?

1. Hulk/Bruce banner:

The primary reason bruce banner is such an effective superhero is his ability to transform into Hulk. This has been shown numerous times and is a huge factor in why bruce banner is so effective as a superhero. When he transforms into Hulk, his strength greatly increases than that of a regular human being.

Bruce Banner was born in California in the late 1920s to his father, Brian, a prominent nuclear physicist. As a boy, Bruce began to display signs of genius-level intellect and physical prowess. When he was around 11 years old, his parents took a trip to New Mexico.

While exploring the desert near their hotel, young Bruce discovered a cave sealed shut to protect its contents. Bruce opened the cave, which happened to be an ancient burial site for prehistoric skeletons and artifacts that dated back long before recorded history.

After he took one of the objects from “the tomb,” his parents shoved him into a nearby ditch because they were angry with him for defying their orders not to play outside the hotel.

Bruce managed to survive scratches from rocks and cactus spines by transforming into Hulk when falling down in midair, landing on his feet after hitting the ground hard.

This incident made bruce banner obsessed with studying otherworldly forces and paranormal occurrences. As he grew older, he became more eccentric; some said he was secretly obsessed with discovering ways to reverse death.

2. Spider-Man:

In 1962, the Amazing Fantasy #15 comic book was released and introduced Spider-Man to readers. It sold so many issues that marvel comics decided to make him part of their universe and create new stories for him.

In 1963, Spiderman made his first appearance in the Marvel universe in a story titled “Spider-Man meets the Hulk,” written by Stan Lee and drawn by Jack Kirby.

Since then, he has become one of the most iconic superheroes in history with great power, responsibility, being young, and making mistakes along the way.

Peter Parker is a student living in Queens who’s been raised by his aunt and uncle after the tragic death of his parents.

All throughout high school, he was a geek who didn’t excel in any one specific subject. Peter got accepted to Empire State University and graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in physics.

He would then get a job working for a small research company. Creating radioactive isotopes that could help be used as explosives and magnetic devices for superheroes like Hulk or Magneto.

It was during this time that peter discovered a miraculous suit, designed by Dr. Otto Octavius. However, the suit had been damaged by radiation and wouldn’t work properly until peter fixed it.

While experimenting with the tests for the suit at home one night, his spider-sense suddenly kicked in, warning him that someone was about to enter his room.

He then hid from the figure as they examined his suit; peter realized it was Dr. Octavius who stole his suit and now had superpowers.

Peter fought Dr. Octavius, who turned out to be a villain called Doctor octopus. Eventually, Spider-Man defeated him but not before Doc Ock told him valuable information on how Peter Parker can use his powers to help people.

3. Captain America:

Captain America is created by Joe Simon and Jack Kirby for Timely comics in 1941 during world War II as an attempt by the company to make money off of patriotic superheroes, just like Captain marvel did for DC Comics with his character fighting Nazis back in 1939.

Since his creation, Captain America has become one of the most iconic superheroes in history. He is best known for his shield and indestructible body. That makes him virtually immortal (he needs to be exposed to the uranium to die), symbolizing freedom in America.

Captain Steven Rogers was born July 4th, 1918, into a poor family during World War I. He spent most of his time on welfare before finally discovering an experimental serum created by Abraham Erskine designed to enhance the physical attributes of soldiers.

Erskine wanted Steve to test it on himself as part of a process called Operation: Rebirth. But little did he know that Steve actually volunteered for this experiment alongside 107 other men. He was the only one out of the 106 candidates to survive.

Captain America became an icon for justice against enemy forces and corruption under the red, white, and blue costume. It never defeated his enemies even when dying (He needed to be revived using a special serum).

4. Iron Man:

created by Stan Lee and Don Heck for Marvel in 1963, The Iron Man was the first superhero who actually had a weakness. Besides having to recharge his armor from time to time and creating new weapons on occasion (since they’re all made out of metal).

He would also be very tired after using his power armor because it takes around 25% of his normal strength to wear it. Tony Stark is a billionaire industrialist born into a family making weapons for the united states government for over 60 years.

Tony Stark had been captured by terrorists in Afghanistan and was forced to create a missile for them. This was when they decided to give him both his first taste of alcohol and the idea for an electromagnet-powered suit that could deflect bullets.

Tony Stark managed to escape with Yinsen’s help but then realized that he would have to develop a plan B if he ever wanted revenge against the leader responsible for all of this: The Mandarin.

5. Wolverine:

Wolverine is created by Len Wein and John Romita Sr for marvel comics in 1974 after being suggested by Stan Lee. Wolverine is one of the most brutal X-man’s out there, possessing animal-like senses due to his mutation.

As well as adamantium claws housed within his gloves, given to him by Magneto to help kill Apocalypse and save Weapon X from dying at their hands. Logan’s real name is James Howlett.

He was born in the late 19th century to a rich Canadian family that eventually moved to America after learning the news of their child being a mutant.

Originally Logan was hated by just about every X-man. Still, now he is one of the most popular heroes out there not only. Because he breaks all kinds of rules during fights and because his healing factor grants him unlimited amounts of luck.

6. Thor:

Thor is created by Stan Lee and Jack Kirby for Marvel comics in 1962. Thor is based on Norse mythology and finds his powers given to him by the dying Odin. Who in turn had them bestowed upon him by Ymir the frost giant, a race which Thor himself belonged to.

Thor was originally sent to earth and two other Asgardians by their father to learn what it means to be human while training as warriors.

This was done after an invasion of the frost giants ended up going wrong thanks to Loki and his desire for power. After many years on earth, thor found out about his brothers’ fates. Just before being told he would have to return home and take over as king due to Odin’s unexpected death.

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