Who is Ronan in Marvel: Best Thing You Don’t Know

Who is Ronan in Marvel? In Marvel, Ronan is a cosmic supervillain. He has had an extensive history of manipulating and destroying planets for his own personal gain.

The story begins with Ronan’s father telling him about the importance of family. It continues as he commits genocide on his home planet Kree to become sole ruler.

Which leads to him gaining a powerful weapon called the Universal Weapon that destroys entire planets due to its power.

Who Is Ronan In Marvel
Who Is Ronan In Marvel

As Ronan gains more power, he becomes less compassionate until finally he is killed by Nova Prime. The latter was trying to save Xandar from destruction at the hands of Ronan’s Universal Weapon. 

It seems like this character would be interesting because there are many things you can explore about him. How much power-hungry affected him and how many people he killed or hurt along the way to his goal.

I believe Ronan’s origin story will be a very interesting addition to the MCU. Especially if we see other Kree because of their interactions with humans in Agents of Shield. 

Is Ronan, the son of Thanos?

There has been a recent theory that Ronan is the son of Thanos. Although this seems pretty unlikely because you don’t see any Kree in Infinity War, which means if Ronan was

Thanos’ son would have to be off-world somewhere, and since we never see him/the Kree, it’s not likely.

In addition, Ronan’s main reason for attacking Xandar is to destroy the Nova Corps because they are a threat to him.


But he also goes after Gamora to take possession of the Orb that Thanos wants, which means if this theory was true. Then maybe Thanos is secretly helping Ronan get what he wants (unless this is part of a different plan).

There was also speculation that Thanos wants to be resurrected(which is what the Titanians want). They would need his help to do so.

Who is Ronan in Marvel?

I’ll post a profile of Ronan from marvel, and then I will summarize his character. Ronan, the Accuser, is one of the main villains in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy.

He isn’t a primary villain, but he is extremely powerful, appearing only to do something important like kill Thanos’s son or steal an Infinity Stone.

His powers include flight, energy manipulation/projection, and enhanced strength. The main reason that Ronan attacks Xandar is that they have been taking Kree refugees off of their planets to work for them.

This makes the other Kree’s believe that the Nova Corps are a threat to them. So they all agree upon it except for Ronan because he is just an anti-social, genocidal maniac.

Why is Ronan in Captain Marvel?

This is the most important question we need to answer. It makes sense that in Captain Marvel, there would be a character that could easily transition into future films.

Since it’s another prequel like Guardians of the Galaxy, it’ll lay down the groundwork for what happens in the next Avengers film.

One possible reason they chose Ronan is his ties to Ronan the Accuser and Tana Nile in the comics.

In Captain Marvel, Ronan may be played as a villain. Still, he might have an alliance with one or more of our heroes (probably Carol). And maybe part of his backstory includes important information about Thanos or Avengers 4. 

Is Ronan a God Marvel?

This is completely a fan theory, but some people say that Ronan is a God. Because of his connection with the Universal Weapon and the fact that he’s able to destroy entire planets.

The first thing we need to address is that in Guardians of the Galaxy. Ronan clearly says, “I am Ronan, The Accuser, I have claimed the title of High Priest to the Universal Church.”

So it’s very unlikely because he’s not some kind of deity. Of course, Marvel is known for surprising their audience (Like Thor being worthy or Jane Foster becoming Thor). Who knows, maybe Ronan will be revealed as a God in Captain Marvel. 

Ronan’s Power

In the comics, Ronan is extremely powerful. He’s been able to destroy entire planets and even attack galaxies. But in Marvel’s Guardians of the Galaxy, we only see him using his powers when fighting other people with similar power levels like Drax or Gamora.

But in Captain Marvel, it will probably be a whole new level because he’ll be fighting an actual superhero.

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