Which Cobra Kai Character Are You: Best 10 Characters!

Which Cobra Kai Character Are You? There have many great characters in the Cobra Kai series. I have listed the 10 best characters.

Which Cobra Kai Character Are You
Which Cobra Kai Character Are You?

So which Cobra Kai character are you? Don’t forget to let me know in the comments down below.

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10 Best Character, but Which Cobra Kai Character Are You?

1. Hawk (Cobra Kai)

Hawk is one of the most popular Cobra Kai characters. Hawk is the main rival of Daniel LaRusso in the Karate Kid series. He is portrayed by Martin Kove.

Hawk is an expert at karate and very arrogant. Like Johnny Lawrence, Hawk was trained by John Kreese to battle Daniel LaRusso in “The All Valley Under 18 Karate Championship”.

Unlike Johnny, who was trained to fight and defeat Daniel by defeating him in the finals of the tournament,

Hawk actually lost to him in the final match. However, he did have his victory over Daniel when he defeated him earlier in the tournament after a previous loss by disqualification.

2. Johnny Lawrence

The central character of the series, Johnny Lawrence, is a former opponent of Daniel LaRusso in The All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament. He is portrayed by William Zabka.

Johnny ran away from his home for eight years after his defeat at Daniel LaRusso’s hands. He returned to Reseda, California, to start a business with his best friend from childhood, Louie.

He is the owner and master of a Cobra Kai dojo in Reseda that holds training sessions for the karate students of Cobra Kai.

Johnny Lawrence’s personality changed since he lost at The All-Valley Under-18 Karate Tournament 25 years ago. Now Johnny is a very aggressive, short-tempered, cynical, and ill-tempered man.

3. Robby Keene

Robby is Johnny’s former best friend and a villain from Cobra Kai. He is the son of John Kreese, who was unable to practice karate after breaking his ankle in a match against Miyamoto.

After Keene graduates from high school, he became obsessed with beating Daniel LaRusso in a fight.

4. Miguel Diaz

Miguel is a high school student from Encino, CA. He also has one of the highest skill levels in his martial art. As Johnny’s student, Miguel often came to him for advice and guidance. In season 2, he is the captain of the Cobra Kai Juniors team.

He would help Mr. LaRusso become a great karate fighter and be devoted to him as his teacher and friend. He is also the main support/couple of Samantha LaRusso in “Cobra Kai” Season 2.

5. Tory Nichols

Tory is one of the main characters in the revival series and was with Johnny on their trip to Okinawa. He first appears as a member of Johnny’s dojo and goes down a path similar to that of his Sensei.


After he burns off his Cobra Kai tattoo, only for him to rejoin them at an end-of-season tournament. Like Johnny, he is also a single father as well with a daughter named Blue.

6. Samantha LaRusso

Samantha LaRusso is Daniel’s wife and the mother of their son Jake LaRusso. She is played by Mary Mouser in the series and was a Cobra Kai student during her youth before leaving for college.

And eventually meeting Daniel after he is defeated by Johnny at the All-Valley Tournament. Her nephew Miguel would become a prominent member of Cobra Kai under LaRusso’s care and her younger brother Robby Keene. The latter returned to Cobra Kai in season two.

7. Johnny Lawrence Jr.

Johnny Lawrence is the son of Johnny Lawrence. More precisely, he is the son of Cobra Kai sensei John Kreese and his wife Kathleen and was born after Daniel LaRusso defeated Johnny during an illegal street fight in 1984.

In 2017, Johnny Jr. now ran his father’s old karate dojo, renamed Cobra Kai. And used it to his advantage to get revenge on Daniel by giving Miguel a red belt in karate.

8. Terry Silver

Terry Silver is the ex-husband of Dana, along with being Danny LaRusso’s stepfather. After the loss of Dana at the hands of Johnny Lawrence in the All-Valley tournament.

Terry was left to care for Danny, and the two became extremely close. Unfortunately, Terry eventually passed away in 2017 due to cancer, which led Danny to start karate again.

9. Kai Chen

Kai is a high school student from a wealthy family that owns a lot of property in Orange County. He has an on-and-off friendship with Miguel Diaz.

The latter has become another student at Cobra Kai under Johnny Lawrence Jr.

10. Danny LaRusso

Danny is the main protagonist and a former member of Cobra Kai. He left after his loss during the All-Valley tournament in 1984, which resulted in him moving across the country and going off to college.

He is played by William Zabka, who was 22 years old when they filmed the first movie and 38 years old during “Cobra Kai.”

So Which Cobra Kai Character Are You? Please let me know in the comment!

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