Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel?

Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel? You’ve probably heard that story. How he was so beautiful that all the other angels were jealous of him, and how his pride led to an epic fall. But did you know what happened after he fell? He didn’t just stay in hell, sulking at God’s rejection. Lucifer had a plan.

And for a time, he was praised by God, Cherubim, and Seraphim. Christians who believe in the trinity are familiar with the above verse from Isaiah that refers to an angel whom many of them believe is Lucifer. They might be surprised to learn an important detail revealed in certain versions of this scripture, namely that Lucifer was beautiful and bright.

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Who is Lucifer?

Lucifer, which means “light-bearer,” is a Latin word. The Bible is used as a name for Satan, but outside the Bible, no instance of this usage can be found so far. Satan in Hebrew is ha-satan – a proper noun and means “the adversary.” It had been an office among the angels (Job 1:6; 2:1).

Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel
Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel

It was probably one of the names given to him before his rebellion because it was assumed that he would always do good. As we know from our own experience, real-life often fails to live up to these expectations. Hence there was a need for an Adversary.

What does the Bible say about Lucifer?

We used the word “Lucifer” every day in this sense. The light bulb or gas flame is, after all, lucifers. What does it mean? Every lamp and fire is Lucifer because they produce a little light compared to the great source of light, the sun.

The name was applied to golden objects like statues or crowns with precious gems like emeralds – in short, anything valuable and beautiful. Zechariah mentions that fine gold will be brought from Ophir as a part of the adornment for God’s dwelling place (Zec 4:14). Gold often symbolizes divine glory (Ps 19:10; Rev 21:11), so this shining precious metal was also used to indicate the presence of God (Ex 25:10).

Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel?

Lucifer was given the unique job of lighting up Heaven because of his beauty. Lucifer is a Latin word – it means “light-bearer.” In great contrast to fallen angels, which were called stars or had wings (demons), an angel named itself to emphasize its purpose.

Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel
Was Lucifer The Most Beautiful Angel

It does not mean that Lucifer was the most beautiful angel. He was the most glorious angel among angels, and he had a special role. His beauty seemed to be part of his job description, just like a lamp in the house is always there when you need it – no matter who made it or where it comes from:

“You were created as a model of perfection, full of wisdom and perfect in beauty. You were anointed as my guardian cherub, for so I created you.” (Ezek 28:14)

Where did Lucifer come from?

The first hint of his former status is found in Ezekiel 28:11-19. The prophet speaks about a “king of Tyrus” who was perfect in beauty; you were created perfect in your ways from the day you were created.

You were the anointed cherub who covers; I established you; You were on the holy mountain of God; You walked back and forth amid fiery stones. (Eze 28:12, 14).

This description reminds us quite a bit of Isaiah’s vision concerning Lucifer (Is 14:12-14). This mighty angel, who once covered himself with light as though it were clothing, has now fallen from Heaven. Because he wanted to surpass God Himself by wanting to sit on the mountain of God.

Lucifer was not the only angel that refrained from worshiping God. He is, therefore, not the only creature to have fallen. Our scriptures teach us that this happened at the beginning of time before Adam and Eve were created (Moses 3:25-28). In fact, all of the spirits who are now born on earth came from a fallen world.

How was Lucifer created?

Our scriptures tell us very little about how Lucifer was created. He says in Moses 4:3 that he was present at the creation of this world.

How Was Lucifer Created
How Was Lucifer Created

This does not necessarily mean that he had a physical body. Still, it most likely reflects his status among the spirits as being one of the foremost or “anointed” ones to be a king. In Job chapter 38, he is pictured as a member of the council in Heaven.

How was Lucifer able to rebel?

Lucifer’s rebellion must have been planned well ahead because the scriptures say that he and his followers were cast out before this earth was ever created (Moses 3:26-28).

How was it possible for him to rebel before he was created, and how did he lead a third of the spirits in Heaven to revolt with him? Our scriptures generally do not give details about groups larger than two people. This must have been planned ahead of time.

The plan was agreed upon when other kingdoms were established that were ruled by God’s creations like the beasts, birds, fishes, plants, etc. Lucifer was commander of the “stars” (Moses 1:16).

He probably had a caretaker role similar to Michael – who is named guardian over Israel (Dan 12:1) or Gabriel, who has been put in charge of all nations and kingdoms.

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