Best Cute 50 Loli Anime Characters Forever

What are loli anime characters? Loli is a type of anime, manga, or cartoon with childlike female characters. They are young girls that look like children because one of the main features of this style is that they have small bodies.

These people have long hair and big eyes. The clothes that they wear are usually very short, and they might wear some makeup.

Anime is a Japanese art form that is made for television. In Japan, it became very popular with children and adults. The subject matters are often stories involving science fiction or fantasy characters that don’t exist in the real world. Of course, those stories can be found in anime as well.

Loli Anime Characters
Loli Anime Characters

An example would be episodes where they make up a story about the characters going to school and having problems in class. Manga is another form of Japanese art that has been adapted for television.

In America, anime and manga are very popular with many people of all ages because they are very entertaining. The original meaning of lolicon refers to someone who likes older women but is not ready for them, so he settles for a loli instead.

Best Cute 50 Loli Anime Characters Forever

When you think about loli anime, two words come to mind. KAWAII and CUTE. We have compiled the top 50 of the best Loli girls in Anime History. And came up with a list that anyone can easily relate to what makes these special characters (and yes, if we missed any, please add them). Take a look below.

1. Ushio

She is the most beautiful and cutest loli Clannad has to offer. She’s very likable as a character, and you can’t help but love her for always being cheerful despite how many tragic things in her life made her cry.

2. Lala Satalin Deviluke

She is the love of their lives and one of the best girls of her time. Lala Satalin Deviluke was a HUGE part of the show and represented.

3. Yui Hirasawa

She is one of anime’s best singers and one of the most popular girls from K-ON. She represented almost all attributes.

4. Akane Tendo

She is one of the most badass girls in anime, and she has a unique ability to control just about anything with her mind.

Akane Tendo
Akane Tendo

5. Papi

We all thought Papi would have a down season when he hit just .240 with 6 HRs in April. Then, he began a tear like no other and has been on fire since. In the last month of play (August), Papi is hitting .419 with 7 bombs!

6. Ruri Tsutsui

Tsutsui is one of the best catchers in Japan, and the fact that he’s not catching every day makes me wonder why. He hits .304 with 10 HRs, has a 1.016 OPS, and plays great defense.

7. Arisa Uotani

The first of two pitchers on this list, Uotani is the ace of the Nippon-Ham Fighters. She’s only 5’3″ but can throw devastating pitches to both RH and LH batters. This season she has a 1.72 ERA with 120 Ks in 123.2 innings!

8. Moka Akashiya

The second pitcher on the list, Moka, is the ace of Central League’s Yakult Swallows. In her rookie year, she pitched a 2-hitter vs. Carp, where she struck out 14 batters. She definitely has earned her 8 spots as one of Japan’s best!

9. Kurumu Kurono

Kurono is one of the younger players in Japan and certainly has tons of potential. She’s a third baseman who hits for power and has an incredible arm from the hot corner. I’m definitely looking forward to what she can do in her pro career!

10. Kobato Hasegawa

The last pitcher on this list, Hasegawa, pitches for the Orix Buffaloes. Last season she had a 2.30 ERA in 13 starts and ended her year with 80 Ks in 79 innings pitched!

11. Nana Astar Deviluke

Nana is a devil with both the bat and the ball. She’s a lefty third baseman who has been tearing up the league since her debut, where she hit .324 with 3 homers.

12. Mayuri Shiina

Mayuri is another pitcher and also the ace of the Tokyo Bananas. She pitched in the 2011 Women’s Baseball World Cup but has struggled a bit this season (2-4, 5.28 ERA).

13. Sakura Haruno

Sakura hasn’t been doing a lot of fighting lately since she has been busy as the Fifth Hokage’s assistant. Aside from that, she is mostly seen fighting alongside Naruto and the rest of Team 7. But before all that (and all her missions), Sakura was actually quite an awesome kunoichi.

14. Shiho Sannomiya

A shinobi who trained under Rock Lee’s father, Hizashi Hyuga. She later became a spy working for the enemy (Akatsuki). Still, after her cover was blown, she returned to being an ally of Konoha and once again started taking missions with Team Guy.

15. Mikuru Asahina

A Leaf kunoichi who only debuted in the anime. She’s a member of Team 8, which is lead by Kurenai Yuhi and consists of Hinata Hyuga (whom Mikuru is rather good friends with), Chōji Akimichi, and Shino Aburame.

She was kidnapped by the Sound Four during the Chūnin Exams to be used as an offering for Jiraiya’s resurrection.

16. Yui Hirasawa

Yui Hirasawa is an Academy student who ended up as the first shinobi of Konohagakure. She didn’t get much screen time, but she played a small role in the Pain arc and was shown to be on a team with Ryūnosuke Tsukishima.

17. Nodoka Haramura

Nodoka is a female ninja from Konohagakure who’s first seen in the anime when Naruto, Sakura, and Jiraiya bumped into her. She has brown hair tied in two loose ponytails and aqua-blue eyes.

18. Kaede Nagase

A kunoichi from Konohagakure, Kaede Nagase, has teamed up with Nodoka. The two of them are often seen together during Naruto’s journey to his final confrontation with Pain. She is also friends with her fellow Leaf comrades. Tenten, Sakura, and Ino.

19. Hideyoshi Kinoshita

One of the Third Hokage’s ninja assistants, Hideyoshi Kinoshita, often assists him in his duties as Hokage. He is rather close with Anko Mitarashi and has assisted her several times throughout the years. His main duty was to take over as acting Hokage while Hiruzen was away on business with the Fire Country. Hideyoshi is a Jōnin and was the leader of Team 3 in his early days.

20. Tsubomi Hanasaki

Tsubomi is a young girl from Konohagakure that has no ninja skills to speak of. Instead, she’s the granddaughter of Tsunade and holds an enormous amount of respect for her grandmother. She gets along well with Naruto, and they have been friends since they met in the aftermath of Pain’s attack on Konoha.

21. Rika Saionji

Saionji is the granddaughter of Katsuyu, Tsunade’s slug summon. Her hair is tied into twin tails. Her eyes are covered by a pair of goggles around her forehead, similar to Naruto’s own goggles.

She has an incredibly short temper and doesn’t like it when people insult or mock her grandmother.

22. Hiyoko Tamaizumi

Hiyoko is a girl from Konohagakure that has some ninja skills but nothing worth mentioning. She’s the granddaughter of Koroku and attends the same academy class as Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha. She seems to have grown fond of her classmates, which are mostly boys with crushes on her.

23. Haruna Sairenji

Haruna Sairenji is a girl who looks and dresses like Asuma Sarutobi. She’s the granddaughter of Hayate Gekkō, Tsunade’s loyal deputy-captain who fought against Orochimaru during the Third Shinobi War and fell in battle while protecting his comrades.

24. Setsuna Sakurazaki

Setsuna Sakurazaki is a girl from Konohagakure that has no ninja skills to speak of. She’s the granddaughter of Ayame, Tsunade’s assistant, and housekeeper who also doubles as her spy in the village. She tends to stay at home instead of going into the field for most missions she gets.

25. Meiko Shiraki

Meiko Shiraki is an Academy student from Konohagakure that has no skills as a shinobi. She’s related to the Fire Country daimyō, Hiroyuki, and the two of them get along rather well. Her dream is to become a kunoichi and be assigned on missions with Naruto and Hinata Hyuga.

26. Kotomi Ichinose

Kotomi is a young girl from the Land of Tea who has recently enrolled in the Academy. She’s one year younger than Boruto, but she attends the same class as him and Sarada Uchiha. Kotomi seems to have grown fond of her classmates, which are mostly boys with crushes on her.

27. Mika Nonomiya

Mika is a young girl from the Land of Fire who’s recently enrolled in the Academy. She is best friends with Inojin Yamanaka, and they often play together at Naruto’s compound. Mika has a long-standing crush on Boruto Uzumaki because he saved her life during the Ryūha Armament Senjutsu training.

28. Konoka Konoe

Konoka is a young girl that attended the Academy with Naruto, Sasuke, and Sakura. She’s also a student in the same class as Boruto Uzumaki and Sarada Uchiha. Konoka is very close to her cousin Mahiru Inuzuka who she looks up to as an older sister.

More List Below:

29. Nagi Sanzen’in

30. Rin Shibuya

31. Minami Iwasaki

32. Chi-Chi Hongo

33. Makoto Kyogoku (Tenshi Ja Nai!)

34. Rin Kuzuo

35. Megumi Sato

36. Yui Hirasawa (K-ON!)

37. Ritsu Tainaka (K-ON!)

38.. Kahoko Hino (Little Busters!)

39. Aguri Yukimura (“Crest of the Stars”)

40. Roy Mustang (“Fullmetal Alchemist. Brotherhood”) 

41. Kiyomasa Senji (“Gintama”)

42. Yoshikage Kira (“JoJo’s Bizarre Adventure”)

 43. Heiji Hattori (“Detective Conan (Case Closed)”) 

44. Iyami (“Osomatsu-Kun”)

45. Kukuri Tachibana (“Girls Bravo”) 

46. Momotaro Mikoshiba (“Love Live!”)

47. Yoh Asakura (“Shaman King”)

48 Ginko Sora (“Mushishi”)

 49. Ikki Kajiwara (“Slam Dunk”)

50. Ryuunosuke Natsume

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