Is Robin from Stranger Things Bi: 8 Untold Truth About Robin

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bi? There is a major question over whether or not Robin has romantic feelings for Dustin in the show. It’s unclear whether their relationship is platonic or if they have some sort of unspoken sexual tension. I’m going to explore this topic and talk about how prevalent bisexuality is in popular culture. 

In the Netflix series “Stranger Things,” one of the main characters, Robin (played by Maya Hawke), seems to be exhibiting signs of being bisexual. She always hangs out with her best friend Dustin (Gaten Matarazzo), and she constantly defends him against bullies at school.

Is Robin From Stranger Things Bi
Is Robin From Stranger Things Bi

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What is Stranger Things?

Stranger Things is a Netflix original series that was released on July 15, 2016. The show takes place in the fictional town of Hawkins, Indiana, in the 1980s. It also deals with other dimensions and creatures from these dimensions called the “Upside Down.”

Now I know what you’re thinking. The ’80s were cool, but this is Netflix! What makes it stand apart? Two things really make Stranger Things different from other shows; its diversity and use of special effects.

Who is Robin?

Robin is a character in the Netflix original series Stranger Things. Robin is the best friend of Mike Wheeler (Finn Wolfhard) and has an on-and-off relationship with Lucas Sinclair (Caleb McLaughlin).

Throughout the season, viewers will see Robin wear many different outfits. One outfit that she wears is her Halloween costume for her school’s costume party. She dresses up as a princess from the movie “The Princess Bride.” This costume was made by fans of Stranger Things, including yours truly. 

Age20 Years
Best FriendMike

Does Robin Have Boyfriend?

There are many rumors about the characters in Stranger Things. Some of the most common ones include whether or not Robin has a boyfriend.

Does Robin Have Boyfriend
Does Robin Have Boyfriend

There is no information on this so far, but it seems like she might be single because she doesn’t seem to mention anyone significant in her life. This could change as more seasons come out, though!

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bi?

No one knows if Robin is gay or straight. Still, she might be bi because in episode 2 when she and Nancy are talking about guys they like. Robin says, “I’ve never been with a guy before,” which could mean that she’s had only been with girls before.

In episode 3, when Dustin asks her out on a date, she says yes and kisses him for the first time. Her kiss with Dustin could also mean that she might be bi because he was just asking her out as friends.

For example, when she first meets Mike at school, she seems very interested in him right away. Because he’s new and different from anyone else, they know. But then we find out their relationship isn’t as simple as seemed initially by his flirting with Nancy. She also kisses Eleven without hesitation before leaving.

Is there any Proof of Bi?

  • In season 1, she has a romantic relationship with Dustin, and in season 2, she kisses Steve
  • She also shares a kiss with Eleven in the show’s final episode 
  • Fans have speculated about her sexuality for years, but it remains unclear if she identifies as bisexual or not 
  • There are many queer characters on the show who could be seen as potential love interests for her. Mike Wheeler and Lucas Sinclair being two examples.

More Thing You need to know About Robin

Does Robin Love Pet?

Robin does love her pet. In a few of the stories, Robin says, “Oh no! I hope Cat isn’t sad because he’s by himself!” or “Cat likes to go for walks with me, so he doesn’t get bored.” Robin also takes care of Cat and makes sure that he always has food and water.

Does Robin Love Pet
Does Robin Love Pet

She even gets out of bed at night to give him a can of food when she knows it is raining outside. Robin loves to be around cats too, which is why she named her cat ‘Cat’.

Who is Robin’s Friend?

Robin seems to have a lot of friends despite her circumstances. She has friends that live near her, she does well at school, and she loves to spend time with the kids in her neighborhood. In this article, you’ll learn about how Robin makes friends despite not always being able to come and go as she pleases. Sometimes she has to ask for permission from her dad!

Does Robin Like to Draw Pictures?

Robin loves to draw and paint pictures. In one story, she paints a picture of Cat on half of an egg with a black crayon. Then she makes another drawing of Cat on the other half of the egg using a green crayon! Robin also enjoys painting faces on apples and potatoes. Robin’s style is unique because you would never know that they were done by only a 3rd grader when you look at her paintings!

How Often Does Robin Go Exploring?

Some people may think it might be dangerous for such a small girl like Robin to go exploring all alone, but many things keep Robin safe while she explores new places. She always plans ahead so that she doesn’t get lost by making sure she knows how to get where she is going.

Robin also knows never to go exploring in a place that she doesn’t know well. This means one of two things; either Robin has an adventurous spirit, or some places were just more interesting than others. So it really was not necessary for her to go far away from home!

Does the Weather Affect How She Gets Around?

In this article, you can read about how rain and weather affect what Robin does and where she goes. Rain makes everything very slippery, so Robin has trouble walking when it rains outside. It also makes all of the leaves look dark and gloomy.

Which Robin says Cat likes because he sleeps during thunderstorms. When it rains, Robin looks for an umbrella but. However, rain also keeps Robin inside, where she can draw pictures or paint on her easel. Which is more important, being able to walk in the rain or do fun activities like drawing and painting when it doesn’t rain?

Does She Have a Big Umbrella?

Robin does not have an umbrella with a large enough handle for her to carry around while walking on slippery surfaces. So what does she do instead?

She uses her coat as an umbrella! What makes this even better is that her coat matches just about everything. So Robin doesn’t look very silly when carrying an oversized jacket with her everywhere she goes.

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