Is Prison Break Season 3 Good?

Is Prison Break Season 3 Good? In this article, we will be looking at the third season of Prison Break to answer whether or not it is good.

The full review will contain spoilers, so if you plan to watch later and don’t wish certain parts of the show ruined for you, I suggest looking away now. With that being said, let us start.

With the amazingly first and second season as a base, Prison Break would always have a hard time making this next season work.

Is Prison Break Season 3 Good
Is Prison Break Season 3 Good

The show has been off the air for two years now, leaving fans wondering what happened after Michael Scofield seemingly died in that field beside his brother Lincoln Burrows.

Well, worry no more as, after a short sequence of the last episode of season two, we are thrown straight into the plot. Michael Scofield has not died; he is still alive and well in a Turkish prison with his friend Mahone (played by William Fichtner).

What happens in season 3 of Prison Break?

The story begins with Poseidon (played by Robert Knepper) trying to escape the Turkish prison to reach an American consulate.

Michael manages to save him, but soon after, it is revealed that he is working for a secret organization called “The Company.” Which basically has its fingers in all the pies inside and outside of the prison.

They want Michael to break someone out of another Turkish prison to find Scylla, containing all of the company’s secrets and members.

This person can be only be broken out with this one particular item. So naturally, Michael has to head back into his old ways if he ever wants to see his family again…

Which prison break is the best?

When talking about what makes a good season of Prison Break, it is important to compare the third with the second.

We can look at how they handled the introduction of new characters, how well they played on suspense and mystery, and whether or not they added new surprises into the mix.

Season 3 introduces us to two new villains who follow the path that T-Bag (played by Robert Knepper) and Bellick (played by Wade Williams) set up in the last season.

These new villains are very well played out as they get pushed into situations where they can show their true colors.

Sara Tancredi (played by Sarah Wayne Callies) is thrown into the mix, bringing a whole new level to the show. It is rare for Fox to bring back characters from previous seasons to make them part of later ones, but this works very well as it strengthens its ties.

On top of this, we have another Scofield brother who enters towards the end. He is called “The General” and seems to have some sort of important secret hidden away in his mind for years.

The only person who knows of this secret is President Caroline Reynolds (played by Patricia Wettig). Who helped him escape from a mental institution when she first meets him at the start of the season.

Is Prison Break Season 3 Good?

Even though there are very few scenes in prison, there is enough suspense and action to keep you glued onto your screen.

How characters develop a storyline that we have already seen before (some of them dying) brings a new perspective into the mix.

This means that Prison Break can never be labeled as a show that copies ideas. But instead uses the best ones from before and gives them a twist to make them viable for another season.

The new characters introduced are also very well developed. Hence, it is easy to see what type of person they are and how they compare to other cast members.

For example, Poseidon seems like the typical bad guy from the start. Yet, he manages to change his path very smoothly towards the end of the season.

Season 3 is not as good as, say… Season 2 but manages to keep you hooked throughout and pulls itself together by the end. It also contains enough suspense and mystery to make it interesting again after forever being a Michael and Lincoln show.

The suspense and the action are more spread out throughout the season, so you only get the really good moments in the end.

It does mean that you are already invested in each storyline by the time these come along, but it can be a little frustrating when they take their time to reveal some of them.

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