Does Sucre Die in Prison Break: Amazing Truth

Does Sucre die in prison break? In the first season, Sucre is killed by Bellick during a fight on top of a bus.

The episode ends with T-Bag throwing his body off the roof and into a truck full of marshmallows to cover up evidence that he was murdered.

In Season 2 of Prison Break, Sucre returns as a newly incarcerated member of the other prison where Michael is being held.

Who is Sucre in Prison Break?

A good friend of Michael Scofield, Sucre is a former criminal sent to prison because his cousin worked with him.

does sucre die in prison break
does sucre die in prison break

Although the two were close, they got into a fight over drugs, and Michael took the fall for it. Sucre joins Lincoln’s other allies in helping clear Michael’s name while in prison on false charges.

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Does Sucre Die in Prison Break?

In the series finale, Sucre makes a daring decision to help end his cousin’s drug ring. He manages to enter an armored truck and takes out the guards but gets shot and killed by one of them.

His heroic sacrifice is not enough to save Michael, who gets sent back to prison for some of his past crimes. Still, Sucre can finally clear up some of the charges on his past.

Sucre has had a recurring role in Prison Break from Season 1 through 3 and returns again in season 5. Since he does make such a daring move to help Michael, he may have survived.

Whether or not Sucre’s death will be included in Prison Break Season 5 remains to be seen.

Is Sucre in Season 5 of Prison Break?

No, Sucre does not appear in the fifth season of Prison Break. In a later interview, actor Amaury Nolasco states that he cannot be part of the cast because he’s been too busy with his acting career.

There are still some actors from previous seasons who will appear as guest stars or part of the story, such as Sarah Wayne Callies (Dr. Sara Tancredi) and William Fichtner (Alexander Mahone).

Sucre was a major part of the series in the first three seasons. Still, that role has been replaced by another character called Benjamin Miles “C-Note” Franklin. Nolasco was under contract for the show but was not required to be a part of it.

In season 5, he is replaced by Rockmond Dunbar, who plays Benjamin Franklin.

In the finale of Prison Break, Sucre’s death is honored when Michael mentions him as one of his lost friends in an episode of Season 4.   Like many other core characters, Sucre’s death is not shown on screen.  

Is Sucre in Prison Break Season 6?

Even though Amaury Nolasco’s character, Sucre, has not appeared in the past seasons of Prison Break after Season 3 (except for a brief mention in Season 4), it is possible that the character could still appear in future seasons.

But there are no plans to bring back Sucre as a series regular for a sixth season.

The character may return as a guest star or be mentioned in future installments of Prison Break. But for now, there are no plans to make him part of the main cast again.

Who Dies in Prison Break?

Sucre makes a tragic decision to help Michael, but his fate is left uncertain. Sucre does not appear in the series after this episode, so it’s safe to say that he dies.

In the next season of Prison Break, C-Note alludes to Sucre as one of the characters who has disappeared and no longer appears in the series.

Did Sucre Die?

Sucre makes a heroic sacrifice to help Michael, but whether he lives or dies afterward is unclear. Actor Amaury Nolasco confirms that his character does die, but there are no details about how he gets killed or by whom.

In Season 4 of Prison Break, Michael was finally freed from prison after breaking out in the previous season. Voice-overs and references are made about his close allies who died to protect him over the years.

Sucre himself is not mentioned by name, but it’s clear that Michael still misses him as one of his closest friends. His death is not shown on screen, and there are no plans to make Sucre a regular character in future seasons.

Are You Still Watching?

There is no current information on whether or not the character of Sucre will be re-introduced into Prison Break. Still, actor Amaury Nolasco (Sucre) has been very busy since his departure.

He has a recurring role in the TV series Queen of the South and appeared in Fear The Walking Dead.   He will also be playing an important character in the film American Made, which will open in theaters on September 29th, 2017.

Whether or not Sucre’s death from Prison Break will be acknowledged in future seasons remains to be seen.

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