Does Sara Tancredi Die in Prison Break: The Untold Truth!

Does Sara Tancredi die in prison break? Micheal has lost Sara from the very beginning of the Prison Break series. After going to prison for a crime she didn’t commit, Sara was sentenced to life in prison with no chance of parole.

In Prison Break Season 2, Michael is constantly trying to find a way into the jail so he can see her one last time. What he eventually does is get caught and end up in this same cell next to her.

Does Sara Tancredi Die In Prison Break
Does Sara Tancredi Die In Prison Break

After seeing his face, Sara asks what he’s doing there and if he found out anything about why she was framed. Michael says that it looks like they are framing her again and tears up after seeing her in despair.

He then makes a promise to himself that he will make sure that she gets out of prison. Sara then asks Michael to help her out and asks for a kiss before he leaves, which she knows will make him come back.

Does Sara Tancredi Die in Prison Break?

Five seasons later and Michael has broken Sara out of prison.

In the Prison Break finale, we see the two of them on a boat away from the island. Where they were both being held captive for some time.

We then cut to five years later, seeing Sara at Michael’s gravesite with her daughter. Does Sara Tancredi die in Prison Break? The answer is no, but she does return for Michael’s funeral.

Sara was never killed by anyone during the show. She is happily living her life with her daughter and a husband who has been discovered alive at the end of the series.

Did Lincoln kill Sara Tancredi on Prison Break?

The Prison Break series would not have been the same without one of the most important characters. From the moment that Sara Tancredi walks into Michael Scofield’s life, we know that she will change him as a person.

She is the love of his life and someone he needs to become a better person. However, some people believe that Sara Tancredi does die in Prison break when she is being pinned down to the bed by Gretchen Morgan.

 Lincoln kill Sara
Lincoln kill Sara

If you haven’t seen this moment yet, we don’t want to spoil it. Lincoln Burrows had the opportunity to shoot her so that she wouldn’t die, but he just couldn’t do it.

How does Michael find out Sara is alive?

We also don’t know who Sara spoke to on the video, but one would assume that she was talking to her dad or Michael.

Although we found out in Prison Break Season 1 that Sara Tancredi does die at some point, we are happy that she lived for as long as she did.

Does Michael and Sara have a baby?

At the end of Prison Break Season 4, we see Michael and Sara living a happy life with their baby. We never found out what happened to their child, so we can only assume that it’s either Gretchen Morgan or someone on her team who ends up taking the newborn from them.

Michael Scofield is given false information about where Sara is. But when Michael Scofield breaks out of prison, he still does not know where she is being held.

He and the other inmates can get fake passports and information about people who have died to leave the country without question. They’re given false information that tells them that Sara Tancredi is at a hospital in Denver.

Knowing that she is not at this location, Michael and Lincoln Burrows go to the real prison where Sara is being held captive. They can use Lincoln’s brother as a way of getting into the jail and finding Sara Tancredi.

Thoughts on who killed Sara Tancredi?

We also don’t know who ended up killing Sara. This is brought up several times throughout the series, but we never really find out who was responsible for her death.

Some people might think that it’s Gretchen Morgan for the simple fact of revenge because she wants to kill everyone who worked with Michael Scofield on getting out of prison.

Was Gretchen Morgan responsible for Sara’s death?

If you’re wondering who killed Sara Tancredi, then it was most likely Gretchen. Though they are at war with one another. The two women were friends in the past and had a lot of respect for one another. This could be why she decides to kill her.

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