50 The Best Dark Anime Shows That You Can’t-Miss

50 The Best Dark Anime Shows That You Can’t-Miss. One of the best ways to enjoy a good series is to watch anime. And, as this day’s list will show, there are many genres and varieties to choose from, not only for adults but also for children.

This list gathers some of the most entertaining dark animes out there that you simply can’t miss watching, and here you can find out why:

Puella Magi Madoka Magica This anime series is ethereal, suspenseful, and adventurous. It follows the story of a young girl whose Name is Madoka Kaname.

She is an ordinary 9th-grade student that has been offered the opportunity to become a Magical Girl by making a contract with a strange creature named Kyubey.

Dark Anime Shows
Dark Anime Shows

Kyousougiga In this anime, Sakuma is a middle-aged man who lives with his daughter Koto in a small house just outside the city.

One day, after returning home from work, he finds an injured girl at their door. She tells him that she’s running away because her father is trying to kill her.

This basically sets the story for this amazing anime. We find a mysterious girl with supernatural powers and Sakuma’s past that comes back to haunt him.

50 Of The dark anime shows Name

Do you want to get into an anime show? You must have heard a lot of names of anime shows. So, there is no explanation required that why the Name of the anime show is important. If you love watching anime, then I think you should follow these characters and their storylines to enjoy your time.

1. One Punch man

This is a story of a hero who wants to become more powerful each day. He thinks that the villains in this world are becoming too powerful than before.

So he just wants to beat them alone as his strength is enough for him to beat anyone. He does not want any help from his friends or family members.

2. Naruto

The story of a boy who wants to become the greatest ninja in this world. You will love to see his journey and how he is successfully achieving the goal that he set for himself.


3. Bleach

This anime show has been released earlier, and it is based on the life of a boy who can protect his friends and family members.

4. Sword Art Online

The story of a boy who gets trapped in an online game. Where he has to either die or survive by playing the game smartly. He is also trying to find his way out of that virtual life without dying.

5. Death Note

You will love this show, based on how an ordinary boy becomes a lethal killer by using supernatural powers. That helped him throughout his journey through watching anime shows.

6. Tokyo Ghoul

The story of a boy who lost everything but still found himself two new companions. They are going through tough times together.

Because they want to earn enough money to live good lives while ignoring all problems they are facing from their surrounding environment.

7. Gintama

This story is unique, and it is based on a boy who tries his best to save the world from aliens. It is an adventurous show which will make you laugh your heart out since there are times when he fails miserably while trying to protect everyone in this world.


You need to watch the show to see how he has been successful during his character development throughout anime shows.

8. Hunter x Hunter

It is based on a group of boys who want to become hunters to find new ways of hunting down various kinds of animals and monsters that exist all over the wilderness.

If you love watching a thrilling show, you should watch this series because it has everything you need as a viewer.

9. One Piece

It is a manga-based anime show which tells the story of Luffy and his journey to becoming the king of pirates. You will love watching every episode since there is no dull moment in this show.

And it will take you on an adventure ride that can last for several episodes before ending with new adventures waiting for viewers like you.

10. Blue Exorcist

This is based on a boy who finds that he cannot control himself whenever he gets furious about something, so what does he do?

He tries his best to find answers from monks and priests. Still, they cannot give him any useful suggestions or information regarding his problem.

11. Durarara!!

It is based on a boy who chooses to become someone else from where he actually belongs to live with his own friends. Since they care about each other more than anyone could ever imagine.

Is it hard for you to believe? I hope not because you will surely see how people support each other once you watch this series of anime shows.

12. School Live

This is based on a schoolgirl who has been put in some kind of prison where she will be able to live with her friends to avoid the zombies.

This show will take you through various problems once this schoolgirl gets trapped in this prison, and she is not allowed to go outside.

13. Kino’s Travels

It is one of the best shows you can ever watch. Because it will take you on a journey where each episode is based on some event that would make you understand how cruel humans have become in this world.

They are not interested in supporting each other unless they get any benefits from such support.

14. Space Dandy

This animation show has been released at an earlier time. And its story revolves around a group of good-hearted men who want to help everyone they meet throughout their journey through the universe.

Suppose you are looking for something interesting to watch. In that case, I suggest you give this all-time favorite show a chance by watching it if it has never been watched before by you.

15. Attack on Titan

This is one of my favorite shows, as I have watched the last season. You should also give it a try if you have tried watching other shows which were not as good for you and now are looking for something new to watch.

This show tells how humans live their lives. While facing various kinds of problems that they cannot handle by depending only on themselves to survive through the end of this series of anime shows.

16. High School D x D

It has been released earlier so that many people could see its first episode even when it was still being made.

It is based on boys who want to become stronger to protect everyone from evil forces or beings who wish to harm innocent people around them. The animation and story of this show are well suited for those who love fantasy shows.

17. Zero no Tsukaima

This is based on the adventures of a Japanese boy named Saito. He has been transported to a different world with magic and other supernatural powers around him in real life.

Because of an incident involving his former teacher and their summoning ritual. Which could not be done by them alone without his help to finish it successfully.

18. Shiki

If you like watching horror anime shows, then this show is one of the best for you. It talks about how people die in a very strange way which is beyond any explanation or understanding by all those involved with the investigations.

Based on its first episode and other episodes released later, it has been able to successfully captivate viewers from whom it received both positive comments and negative ones as well.

19. Higurashi: When They Cry

This is based on a group of teenagers living happily in a village they like to live in. However, their happiness will not last long as they realize that.

Some evil forces are trying to harm them by showing them visions of the future where everything around them would be destroyed or changed forever.

This is one of the most amazing anime shows I have ever seen. Because it has made viewers feel sorry for some characters while feeling happy for others at the same time.

20. School Days

This is about a collection of students from some high schools who are having their own lives until they meet someone and fall in love with this person.

The story will take you through various events full of problems, including bullying and jealous people. Who wish to destroy the happiness of those close to them, especially when it comes to the one they love.

21. Samurai Champloo

The story revolves around two swordsmen and a beautiful girl. Still, she always has her mind on something else instead of being in a relationship with anyone, unlike other girls.

No matter what happens during their journey together, they continue traveling towards their goal of finding another swordsman to teach Mugen how to use his sword again.

This show has become a very popular one, which is why it has been re-released in another collection of episodes.

22. Kekkai Sensen

This show features a group of teenagers who often get into trouble with bad people. And even face death at the hands of some evil forces or beings that could kill them with ease if they want to.

Yet, they can defend themselves until their last moment when they have no choice but to run away from those who wanted to do something bad to them.

More list Below:

23. Black Bullet

24. Taboo Tattoo

25. Akame Ga Kill!

26. Parasyte -the maxim-

27. Military! (Sakura Taisen: Jouki Shinran)

28. Shirogane no Ishi: Argevollen

29. Denki-Gai 

30. Heavy Object

31. Death Parade

32. Junketsu no Maria

33. Terraformars

34. Garo: Guren no Tsuki

35. Akatsuki no Yona

36 . Barakamon

37 . Aldnoah Zero

38 . God Eater

39 . Needless

40 . Kanojo ga Flag wo Oraretara

41 . My Love Story

42 . Unbreakable Machine-Doll

43 . Hitsugi no Chaika

44 . Noragami Aragoto

45. Parasyte -the maxim-  

46. Kiseijuu: Sei no Kakuritsu

47. Gatchaman Crowds Insight

48. Shinmai Maou no Testament

49. Fate/Stay Night: Unlimited Blade Works

50 Sword Art Online II

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