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New Cobra Kai: 10 Amazing Facts

New Cobra Kai

New Cobra Kai is a YouTube series based on the Karate Kid movie. Single episodes are about 30 minutes long and have an average of 1.1 million views and 38,000 likes. New Cobra Kai follows Daniel LaRusso’s son, who has his father’s Cobra Kai dojo in his garage after the original Cobra Kai closed down. … Read more

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bi: 8 Untold Truth About Robin

Is Robin From Stranger Things Bi

Is Robin from Stranger Things Bi? There is a major question over whether or not Robin has romantic feelings for Dustin in the show. It’s unclear whether their relationship is platonic or if they have some sort of unspoken sexual tension. I’m going to explore this topic and talk about how prevalent bisexuality is in … Read more

Is Luke From Married at First Sight Gay: An Untold Best Story

Is Luke From Married At First Sight Gay

How is Luke from Married at First Sight Gay? We’ll answer those questions and more in this blog post. Luke is married to Michelle, a woman who is not interested in men that are also not interested in women. That’s why she is on the show! But what is Luke’s Physical Relational orientation? Let’s find … Read more