Picking Up a School Beauty to Be Wife

In high school, there are many girls who catch your eye. However, there is always that one girl who stands out above the rest. She is the school beauty. Every guy wants to date her and every girl wants to be her friend. You have had your eye on her since freshman year and now … Read more

A Girl Who Wont Cut It As a Yandere

She’s not the type of girl that you would expect to be a yandere. She’s shy, introverted and doesn’t seem to have any interest in romance or violence. However, there’s something about her that just screams “dangerous.” Maybe it’s her cold, dead eyes or the way she always seems to be watching you with an … Read more

A Cute Girl With a Nasty Look

A Cute Girl With a Nasty Look is a book that will make you laugh, cry and think. It is about a little girl who seems to have it all, but she has a dark side that only comes out when she is around her friends. This book will take you on an emotional roller … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Tour 2022

In 2022, the Drag Race Tour will be making its rounds across the globe. This year’s tour is set to be even bigger and better than ever, with more stops and more Drag Race queens performing than ever before. So far, the tour has been announced for Australia, New Zealand, Canada, Europe, Asia, and South … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Werq the World Tour 2022 Lineup

The much-anticipated lineup for the 2022 Rupaul’s Drag Race Werq the World Tour has finally been announced! Fans can expect to see some of their favorite queens from past seasons, as well as a few new faces. Headliners include fan-favorites Bob the Drag Queen, Kim Chi, Naomi Smalls, and Trixie Mattel. With such a star-studded … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Season 8 Cast

I’m so excited that RuPaul’s Drag Race is back for its eighth season! This time around, the show has a fantastic cast of queens who are sure to entertain us week after week. I can’t wait to see what they all bring to the table and who will be crowned America’s Next Drag Superstar. The … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Season 4 Cast

The fourth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race began airing on January 30, 2012. The cast was announced on December 6, 2011, and featured fourteen new queens competing for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar”. The season four premiere debuted to a total viewership of 1.3 million, making it the most-watched episode in the series’ … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Spoilers

The ninth season of RuPaul’s Drag Race is already underway and the final four queens have been revealed. If you don’t want to know who made it to the top four, stop reading now! The final four queens are Aquaria, Asia O’Hara, Eureka O’Hara, and Kameron Michaels. This season has been full of twists and … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Simulator

In the RuPaul’s Drag Race Simulator, players take on the role of one of 12 drag queens competing in a virtual version of the popular reality TV show. The goal is to win challenges and avoid being eliminated, while also trying to impress judges with their style and performance. The game includes all of the … Read more

Rupaul’S Drag Race Wiki

The first paragraph of the Rupaul’s Drag Race Wiki article is: “Rupaul’s Drag Race is an American reality television competition in which drag queens from across the country compete for the title of “America’s Next Drag Superstar.” The show is hosted by RuPaul, who also serves as a judge, mentor, and occasional guest star. The … Read more

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